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Hello & Congrats! 

I am a fine art wedding photographer that works to showcase light, life, and love. If you have light and love in your life, then we might be the perfect match! 

You are getting married at a fun location!! YAY!! You get a whole different page for wedding packages, because your day is already super unique! I love traveling, so I created the below starting travel prices. All of my destination packages start with the same things included, as well as with all travel costs included. Look below for some FAQs.

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All packages include a hard copy of my beloved Bridal Guide, which I send at booking, as well as a complimentary Engagement Session, Bridal, or Day-After Session!

I like to ask questions and give questionnaires, I'm a hands-on photographer that wants to get to know you and become a friend before the big day. Who wants a stranger to be following you around on one of the most beautiful and important days of your life?! No one! All packages can be edited to fit your day!

Add items from the "Al La Carte" to the packages listed if needed, and we will create the perfect wedding package for you. 

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Al La Carte


Additional Hours - $200/Hour

10x10 Leather Heirloom Album - $450

*5x5 Parent Album can be purchased after the purchase of a 10x10 Heirloom Album


Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Does the above price include tax?

No, tax will be added after we get your package set up! Sales tax will be added in association with the location of your wedding or the location of the shoot (in the case of engagements). If in Washington, the tax rate is about 10% of your total cost.

2. Is there a deposit?

 Yes, I ask for 30% of your package to be paid upfront in order book me. This is a nonrefundable retainer  that I require, because I will turn down any possible brides for your date once you've booked me. It protects me from losing business and it protects you from overbooking. You are the priority, and I plan on making sure of that. 

3. Can I get rid of the engagement, bridal, day-after session? 

Yes you can! However, it is complimentary which means that there is no price difference. The engagement session is what I consider one of THE most important things when working with your wedding photographer! Which is why I included it in all my packages. Not only does it help us get to know each other, it also serves as a learning tool for posing that otherwise would take place on your wedding day thus taking away time!  

4. We aren’t from Seattle, will do you our engagements still?

Absolutely! Traveling is a passion of mine, and I’m more than willing to come to you if you aren’t around me. There will be additional travel fees that would be added to your package, just ask and I’ll get you a quote!

5. I'm willing to pay the deposit, but... why do I need to sign a contract?

I do require a contract. It's out of protection for you and for me, especially when it comes to travel. My contract lays out the expectations for both of us so things run smoothly. If the contract appears concerning at all, I strongly encourage you to email me so we can set up a time to talk about it. I definitely want you to know what you are signing! 

6. Who has the rights to the images?

I have the full rights to the images, but I do give you rights for any personal use. You can post them on your Social Media, you can print them, and you can share them with your friends and family! You get all of your edited images! 

7. Can I get rid of the Second Shooter in my package?

For destination weddings, I require a second shooter. This is just out of safety for myself. My usual second is my husband, Kevin, and he is fluent in Spanish! Which serves as a major plus in a lot of the locations we’ve traveled to. We love working together to make this a wonderful experience from start to finish.

8. When will you arrive?

I arrive usually a full-day early to your destination. This allows some buffer time in case there’s any flight delays as well as gives me time to look over your venue before the day of your wedding!