Heirloom Wedding Albums

A wedding album is something that is timeless! It allows one to share their special day with those they love easily and without a screen. Imagine gathering around on the couch and opening this beautiful book to show your children one day. No matter what you choose, these 10x10 albums are beautiful.

If you would like me to choose for you, just let me know. This form was made just as an option for those that wish to personalize it a bit more.

Name *
Which Color of Leather?
If you'd like leather, please choose one of the following. If not, skip!
Which Linen type?
If you'd like linen, please choose one of the following. If not, Skip!
Please note: I cannot do both! Text Option includes your names (i.e. Sam & Derrick) and date (October 6, 20xx). Image is like the above picture.
This is a duplicated album copy of the Heirloom Album, but at a 5x5 ratio. Great for parents if they want a copy.